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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality

Improved EPM password functionality to provide for password policies

For systems that do not use SSO or Remote Authentication, the following may be set in Control Center:

  • Password valid duration: Number of days a password is valid. Once this is passed, a user should be forced to change the password once logged in.
  • Password length: The minimum number of characters a password must have; minimum is 5.
  • New passwords required: The number of new passwords a user must have before a password can be reused.
  • Is lower case required: If a password must contain at least one lower case letter.
  • Is Upper case required: If a password must contain at least one upper case letter.
  • Is Special character required: If a password must contain at least one special character.
  • Is number required: If a password must contain at least one number.

Users with old passwords that do not meet the Password Policy that is configured will not be required by the system to change their password until the old password expires. To ensure that the new Password Policy is in effect, users should be requested to change their passwords manually.

The Password Policy defined here will NOT apply to the System Administrator user. It will be in effect for other users with admin access.

Functionality to limit the number of failed login attempts for a user

Control Center: Login Page where ‘Number of failed attempts’ and ‘Lockout period length’ can be configured

New User Access property "Locked", is turned on automatically when the limit set in Control Center is exceeded, and can be removed manually in Configuration Studio.

Model Deployment: New page in Import wizard for handling conflicts between file to be imported and target workspace.

New Conflict resolution panel: Choose between Safe mode or Best fit strategy to handle import conflicts

Safe (manual) - if any conflicts occur, the import will stop and the user will be able to select how conflicts should be resolved from suggestions for actions offered on the screen

Best fit (automatic) – conflicts based known issues will be resolved automatically, and unknown conflicts will be skipped. 

Option to reuse identical objects; if not checked duplicate objects will be created

Model Deployment: New report files showing the details of the import.

Model Deployment: ‘Orphan’ objects will only be added where it is possible for users to add objects using menus. Objects that are exported without their parent object, e.g. a scorecard without its owning organization, will not be added during import. Nodes, strategic initiatives, and other objects that may be added at root level will be added, even if their parent object in the original workspace was not exported.

Error Corrections and Improvements

Performance improvements to Condition rules and Owning organization.

Transformer: deleting objects (sources, processes) no longer causes error messages to be displayed.

Known issues

When upgrading to version 4.3.x, the change that makes Comments normal business objects may affect how Comments are displayed in Filtered Comments and Filtered Lists, and will need a manual configuration change. A configuration that displays Comments from a selected object from Element list may need to be reconfigured, either by selecting the relevant Comment list in the Element list or by marking the Include subelements box.

When upgrading from 4.1.1.x to 4.3.x, some properties may be ordered differently. Considerably more properties are now displayed in Configuration Studio, as a result of Context being available there. Because of this change some properties may be displayed in different order after upgrading to version 4.3.x.

When upgrading from to 4.2.x or 4.3.x, in some cases Property names in ‘Property settings’ need to be changed manually. The names, descriptions and categories of the system properties that were converted to custom properties in version are sometimes not upgraded using the correct language. If this occurs, the property names should be changed manually in ‘Property settings’.

Table views that are linked to a dataset table with many columns on the x-axis may damage a two-column page setup in the web page and cause the page to become very wide. This will be addressed at a later time.


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