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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality

Audit logging: It is now possible to see a log of all changes performed in Audit log files. The Audit logs are now placed in the audit directory inside each workspace and can be accessed on the web via http://host:port/CorpoWebserver/audit. A table with the logs is shown allowing the users to select what log to display and how much of it. The table is sorted by last modified at the top. The audit log file can be imported into Excel as a .csv file. Each log file contains information about what change is done, when and by which user. Please see the document ‘Corporater Audit logging’ for more information.

Improved Access Control system: Access control is now set in Advanced properties on objects that are subject to access control. This also applies to Template objects. Access control is set using the following new properties:

  • Read accessors
  • Add accessors
  • Write accessors
  • Delete accessors
  • Ownership
  • Override access profile

In addition, functions have this property:

  • Data accessors

Note that these new properties will be set to “visible” by default in Visibility rules, so it may be necessary to make some manual changes to these new properties in your Visibility rules after upgrading.

Please see the Access Control section in the User Documentation for information.

New ‘Automatic switchover’ service that can be used to determine if an EPM instance is running and is healthy. Based on the response, action can be taken and the server shut down and a new one started, either manually or automated. Contact Corporater Service for more information.

Project Deployment: functionality to create a project branch file, make changes to it, and merge it back into the original workspace. Please see the document ‘Corporater Project Deployment’ for more information.

Model Deployment: functionality to export objects or structures from one workspace to be imported into another workspace. Please contact Corporater Service for more information.

Possible to lock comments from being added to previous periods, to prevent users from adding or changing comments in 'closed periods' (previous periods). Please see the ‘Comment list’ section in the User documentation.

Comments are now normal business objects in Configuration Studio, making it possible to creates lists of aggregated comments. Comments are now regarded as normal business objects which means that they now appear in Configuration Studio. Comments may be added in the EPM, Template, and Default models. By adding a Token property to Comment in Defaults, it is now possible to filter on that property in order to “aggregate” comments at different levels in the organizational hierarchy. 

The Tag system can be used for referencing approvers for more flexible approval cycles .

Reporter: Footnotes have been implemented. When running a report that contains footnotes they appear correctly in the footer.

New Security page in Control Center. See Installation Guide for Windows for more information.

Danish language has been added

'Addable objects' property has been added to Tasks and Initiatives

Error Corrections and Improvements

Filtered list on KPI no longer shows KPIs from expired parents (Organizations, Scorecards). When creating a filtered list to show KPIs a user is responsible for, KPIs from expired scorecards/organizations were also shown.
Note that this correction will affect any reports or filtered lists where it is expected that the out of scope objects appear.

Made sure Property panel handles child properties properly. Configuration in Configuration Studio Properties panel was not always saved or only some properties were saved.

Improvements to Approval:

It is possible to add objects to Boxes under Strategic Initiatives as expected.

When exporting drills to Excel, number format is kept and not converted to general format.

Spreadsheet tables return valid error messages when the Excel tables they are based on do not match the expectations of the Spreadsheet table

The filter label is correctly cleared when the ‘Clear filter’ button is clicked in Data records or Data import.

Pagination in Filtered lists in Maps now works as expected.

https links in maps now work as expected.

Web pages no longer scroll automatically to the bottom when they contain a map object 'taller' than the browser window.

Text boxes in maps handle multiline text correctly. The text is displayed as it is written (multiple lines, bullets, etc.), keeping lines.

Improved positioning of manual lines in maps. After upgrading to or later, positioning of straight lines in maps relative to text was modified. This has now been improved. In cases where lines still are not correctly positioned, the lines should be redrawn.

The plus signs in Task lists and Indicator lists are aligned as expected. The Expand + sign is now to the right of the name in tables in right-to-left languages.

The ‘Include’ and ‘Future’ functions in Standard charts and tables are correctly linked between the template and the model .

Charts are now displayed when using URL embedded addressing functionality. If no height parameter is provided in URL, the height configured for the chart is used, or auto size if auto size is set.

Switch axis in charts works as expected when used with a Dataset table.

Exporting charts (Bar Line and others) to .png, .jpg or .pdf no longer reverses the colors .

Color transparency is working properly in background, plot background and legend background. If you set to transparent (the system color), it will be transparent, instead of white, as before. If you want to keep the white background, select white instead of transparent.

Trend is displayed correctly when table function is used . Context is now used correctly when calculating table function values.

No error message is displayed when adding values via an EPM-form on a date before the ‘Lifetime start date’ of the object and the ‘Use context organization’ option in Distribution list is selected.

Context Date selection in Config Studio  is now working correctly, and is updating correctly.

Schedulers no longer stop on network disconnection . Previously, Schedulers could unschedule jobs when an exception occurred. This correction pertains to all schedulers.

Reporter: The Reporter parser handles languages that use diacritics (unicode characters) correctly. Conditional statements with strings in languages containing diacritics no longer fail with a java error.

Reporter: Bullets and numbering from rich text comments and object descriptions are returned correctly in Aspose word reports.

Transformer: Improved handling of data when connection to SQL source is lost.

Transformer: Data is no longer imported multiple times when ‘Overwrite previous import’ is selected.

Transformer: Excel target now saves the sheet selection correctly, also when a sheet other than the default one is selected.

Transformer: Object target now uses the correct period (based on the object it is writing to and period available for it) when writing historical properties. If the period is not available, ‘Month’ is used.  In some previous versions, Object target saved data on the first of the month, regardless of period and date selected.

Transformer: String date conversion is working correctly in all languages and no longer causes error messages to be displayed.

Web Transformer: Fixed an exception that occured when looking at an import on the Web Transformer after the user who created the node data import was deleted

Control Center: Green arrow shows correctly and the ‘Go to login page’ button is enabled in when SSL is enabled.

Known issues

Reporter: There are some limitations to how status lights and trends can be shown in Expandable tables in Presentations. Presentations only support images that are stretched or tiled in cells in PowerPoint. Stretch is used in these tables, but the size of the image relative to the size of the cell is also calculated. Note that resizing the cell after generation will cause the image to change size.

Table views that are linked to a dataset table with many columns on the x-axis may damage a two-column page setup in the web page and cause the page to become very wide. This will be addressed at a later time.

When upgrading from to 4.2.x or 4.3.x, in some cases the names, descriptions and categories of the system properties that were converted to custom properties in version are not upgraded using the correct language. If this occurs, the property names should be changed manually in ‘Property settings’.


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