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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Error Corrections and Improvements

Config Studio: Clicking on a Standard Chart with a parent object that is out of time scope no longer causes error.  

URL links in maps that contain uppercase letters are working correctly.

The + sign enabling the adding of new tabs is no longer available for non admin users. Non-admin users will not see the + sign, even if they have "full access" (or any other profile) or even if they are set as "owner" of the organization or scorecard.

Page no longer 'autoscrolls' to bottom of page when there a map object taller than the browser window.

Filtered lists and Reports that use #findq no longer find KPIs from expired parent objects (scorecards or organizations).
Note that this correction will affect any reports or filtered lists where it is expected that the out of scope objects appear.

Reporter: Made sure .number works in Reporter date operations. E.g. ${this.bop.month.number} will give the month number in Excel report.

Web Transformer: When loading a file via Web Transformer the live counting of records is correctly displayed.


Known issues

When upgrading from to 4.2.x, in some cases the names, descriptions and categories of the system properties that were converted to custom properties in version are not upgraded using the correct language. If this occurs, the property names should be changed manually in ‘Property settings’.


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