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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality

Spreadsheet tables are now linkable to Spreadsheet report s: A Spreadsheet table can refer to a Spreadsheet in Reporter and convert a sheet from the spreadsheet (report) to a table that a table view, table function, chart or Pivot table can display. Note that the sheet the table refers to must be valid, i.e. it must start in cell A1.

French has been added as an available language.

The Width property in Boxes has been reinstated in Row layout in the Standard Page Setup. This property was missing from v. onwards.

It is (again) possible to sort by hidden fields. This functionality was changed in 4.2.0.x.

Model Page: The ‘Addable items’ property has been removed from the Model page. Via ‘Addable items’ it appeared to be possible to add perspectives to a Model Page, which is actually invalid.

Reporter: Support for shape groups has been implemented.  

Error Corrections and Improvements

The size of the backup / default  folder decreases or increases according to modifications which are made. Improvements have been made so that database and corpobackup size are reduced when large files are deleted (e.g. resources or attachments) and not included when they are not affiliated with an object anymore.

Property names in Property settings: adress1 and adress2 have been changed to address1 and address2. Note that the old spelling will also work.

The View controls in a Benchmarking chart are now displayed correctly, also when Google Chrome is used. When viewing a Dataset table with views in a chart on the web, the View controls disappeared in Chrome and when using “Block” 'Look and feel' on Default page setup.

All expected objects are available to be added from the Add menu on Risk factors. In some cases, several addable items were missing from the Add menu on Risk factors in Configuration Studio.

Column width is no longer damaged by a table with a horizontal scroll bar in a page setup with more than one column. A table view that was linked to a dataset table with many columns on the x-axis damaged the two column page set up in the web, and caused the page to become very wide.

Comment order no longer changes after clicking on the second page. When sorting was newest to oldest, comments changed order when moving to the second page.

Fixed the order of comments in Comment lists with pagination so that sorting from the web is respected and used, and comments appear in the right order.

Fixed alignment of headings and columns in drills.

Sorting by function property is again working as expected. Sorting of calculated functions in tables has been fixed.

Fixed an error that occurred when editing a KPI with a wrongly configured Function property on web.

Column Configuration is now properly respected when resolving which column cells to use in a Table function.

Column configuration is now correctly considered when sorting tables by row. Sort by row made hidden fields visible, which could change the sorting.

KPI with YTD True (or Inherit) displays corretly, even if it is after a sibling KPI with YTD False . Context changes for the first KPI were not reset when the next KPI was calculated. Made sure context is reset for each calculation. Made sure context changes in KPIs do not interfere with the context for the next KPI.

Java errors no longer occur in Configuration Studio when an unconfigured Historical reference property has been added to an object in Type management. When trying to configure an object in the EPM model that contains an Historic reference property that is not configured in Property settings, a Java error could occur.

Decimals are no longer lost on Numeric properties and Historical number properties when editing in Configuration Studio. The property editor does not truncate numbers to 3 decimals.

Bold and Italic formatting of text, as well as font, are working correctly in maps, also after upgrading.

Fixed pie chart resizing in Row based layout.

Strategy Maps are rendering correctly with no error message s. In some cases, Strategy maps were not rendered and an error message was displayed instead.

Objects are added on WEB without any lag even if they have a Visibility rule. When adding objects on the web there was a lag while the system went through the Visibility rule(s).

The filter in Data records is now correctly refreshed when the filter is cleared. Previously, it was not cleared until you set another filter.

Downloading and attaching files with Arabic names is working as expected and the file names are displayed correctly.

Forms: Fixed an error that could occur when configuring a Distribution list.

Reporter: “&” in comments is displayed correctly, instead of as “&”, when using comment.strip in Reporter.

Reporter: Reports can now be opened correctly after upgrading.

Reporter: Made sure text with rich text properties is inserted at the line the tag is on instead of making new lines for each paragraph in the html.

Reporter: sorting of lists in Reporter correctly ignores case, and not by upper and lowercase separately.

Reporter: The First column in an expandable table in a Presentation report is no longer cleared unless there is something to replace it. Clearing cell a1 during tag processing caused the cell to lose paragraph information and be displayed incorrectly.

Reporter: Made sure that cells in Spreadsheet reports are cleared when there is no value from a tag expression. When you used a tag reference to a node type function, and the node type function did not have a value, you saw the tag instead of an empty field.

Reporter: Carriage return was not be taken into account in Expandable tables containing Description fields with carriage returns in Spreadsheet reports.

Transformer: Improved handling of errors in String date conversion process. Invalid dates are reported as warnings instead of errors.

Transformer: Node target restructures the node tree as expected when trying to switch a parent/child relationship, and no longer gives error message.

Transformer: After upgrading, Organization mapping is working for organizations with expiry dates in the past, and no longer causes an error.

Workflow: Issues with Update object property: the ‘Update date relative to parent schedule’ property has been reinstated in the Update object property action and is again working as expected. Note that it will only work using property tags, not property names.

Workflow: Preview in Data records is not automatically activated when scheduled workflows run. Editing properties in Data records works as expected even when scheduled workflows run. Previously, when Workflow ran it automatically activated data preview, even though ‘Auto-refresh’ was not activated, leading to data being displayed and Data records being refreshed.

Improvements in connection with upgrading.

Known issue

When upgrading from to 4.2.x, in some cases the names, descriptions and categories of the system properties that were converted to custom properties in version are not upgraded using the correct language. If this occurs, the property names should be changed manually in ‘Property settings’.


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