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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Error Corrections and Improvements

Expression IDs are again visible in dataset tables. When choosing expressions on one of the axes on dataset table, the IDs were not displayed in some previous version.

Fixed an issue that caused web pages to have incorrect width and scrollbar after resizing.

Reporter: Fixed issue that could cause tags to be shown in reports instead of data, e.g. in nested expressions with locales that use “,” as a decimal separator. In some cases the parser did not recognize “,” as a decimal separator; it expected “.”, so the function it resolved to was not valid.

Reporter: Tags such as ${} and similar are now working as expected and not showing the tag in presentation reports

Reporter: Scaling and size of charts in reports separated from scaling and size of charts on web. If "Auto size" is not selected, the height of charts in reports will be scaled to fit picture layouts in templates, instead of the height that is set in Configuration Studio.

Reporter: Improved resolution of images on maps in PowerPoint reports.



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