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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality

Multi Parallel Approval on Forms has been implemented. Forms Approval can now contain multiple approval levels. More than one user, as well as groups, can be added on any approval level. Whether one or all approvers on a level must approve is configurable. When all approvers on a level have approved according to the configuration, the form moves to the next approval level. Data will not be saved and published until all levels of approval are complete. It is possible to configure when and to whom e-mail notifications are sent. Please see the User Documentation for more information.

Filtering in Resource list has been implemented. A Resource list can be filtered based on a model object, and a resource can be associated with a model object in its configuration. Please see ‘Resources’ and ‘Resources list’ the User Documentation for more information.

More types of objects than indicators may now be added to indicators in the Risk and Strategic Initiative models, as in the EPM model.

Workflow: New functionality in the Update object property object:

  • Support for custom formatting of file names when generating reports and storing them in Resources,
  • Support for generating and updating date/time stamps
  • Support for generating version numbers

Please see ‘Update object property’ in the User Documentation for more information.

Workflow: Support for passing user name and id to a Workflow job. When a report is started via an Action button, the context of the report reflects the user that is logged in rather than the system administrator. The current user will be given the access that are necessary to run the report. this.user will resolve to the current user and Created by/Last modified will be that user.

Error Corrections and Improvements

An error that could sometimes occur and cause an exception when linking scorecards to model has been fixed.

Please note

We recommend only using Function status when the limit values contain node references or expressions. Use Status or Simple status when the limit values are constants.

Known issues

When upgrading to version 4.3.x, the change that makes Comments normal business objects may affect how Comments are displayed in Filtered Comments and Filtered Lists, and will need a manual configuration change. A configuration that displays Comments from a selected object from Element list may need to be reconfigured, either by selecting the relevant Comment list in the Element list or by marking the Include subelements box.

When upgrading from 4.1.1.x to 4.3.x, some properties may be ordered differently. Considerably more properties are now displayed in Configuration Studio, as a result of Context being available there. Because of this change some properties may be displayed in different order after upgrading to version 4.3.x.

When upgrading from to 4.2.x or 4.3.x, in some cases Property names in ‘Property settings’ need to be changed manually. The names, descriptions and categories of the system properties that were converted to custom properties in version are sometimes not upgraded using the correct language. If this occurs, the property names should be changed manually in ‘Property settings’.

Table views that are linked to a dataset table with many columns on the x-axis may damage a two-column page setup in the web page and cause the page to become very wide. This will be addressed at a later time.


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