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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Upgrading from versions prior to is not supported. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it will be necessary to upgrade to a 4.2.x.x or 4.3.x.x version first.

New and Changed Functionality

Format type ‘Duration’ has been added, to show time units and perform date arithmetic. The following units are available in ‘Duration type’: Hours:Minute, Hours:Minute:Seconds, Minute:Seconds, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. These formats will be used in tables, and support for displaying labels and the different formats has also been added to charts.

'Sub-tasks" may now be added directly to a Task in a Task list using the table row menu on the web

It is now possible to filter Tasks and Milestones in a Task list, as in Filtered list.

It is now possible to filter Risk factors and Function risk factors in a Risk factor list, as in Filtered list.

Excel-style and Cognos-style icon sets have been added in EPM. See ‘Settings’ for more information.

Colors in Risk charts are now fully customizable; each cell may be configured individually by choosing from a range of 16 colors.

So, it is now possible to select an icon style to use and configure which icon should be used with each color in a risk chart.

Note that because of the changes done for risk colors, there is some chance that the color of the aggregated risk priority bullets may be different after upgrade.

The Width property is now available on all objects, but it will only have effect where relevant, e.g. in Boxes with horizontal orientation and when Row layout is used.

It is now possible to clear the user language. If user language is cleared, the locale in server settings is used instead. In previous versions, the Edit dialog showed English when user language had not been chosen. Now all editors will show the unchosen language as blank instead of automatically choosing the first element in the list.  

Support for MySQL as DBMS for EPM has been implemented. Note that MySQL may have somewhat slower performance than MS SQL or Oracle.

MySQL has been added to the Server type property of SQL resource, and can be used as SQL source and SQL target in Transformer.  

Transformer: New property in LDAP source: Include name. The 'Name' column is always generated, but will only be included if the ‘Include name’ box is checked. If 'Name' is included in Fields, ‘Include name’ should not be marked. If so, the 'Name' column will be empty.

Transformer: The file produced by an Excel target now has .xlsx as default extension instead of .xls. In previous versions .xls was used as default and caused an error when opening the file. Note that this change will not affect existing projects using .xls files in Excel targets. For these jobs, the file name must be changed manually in the Excel target. 

It is no longer possible for MSOffice Reporter users to produce ODT based reports by choosing ODT or OpenOffice format in Reporter Preview panel, Reporter scheduler and Workflow Run report action.

Separators have been implemented in the Audit log, making it possible to use the log for analysis

  • Type has been added to ‘Added and updated objects’
  • parentType has been added to ‘Added and deleted objects’
  • Old is empty when the default value is there

The file is now more machine readable.

Existing systems that read the Audit log must be updated to reflect the new way of writing the log. Please see the ‘Corporater Audit Logging’ document for more information.

Support for Windows authentication for SQL server has been added. See separate document ‘Windows Authentication on MS SQL’ for information on configuration.

Error Corrections and Improvements

Improved Performance when mapping profiles to multiple users and multiple scorecards

If both ‘Hide NA and NaN rows’ and ‘Hide 0 rows’ are checked in a Table view, rows with a combination of both will be correctly hidden.

 ‘Hide NA and NaN rows’ with or without ‘Switch axis’ is working as expected in Table view, instead of hiding NA column instead of NA row when ‘Switch axis’ is enabled.

Query table drill now works as expected with custom drill using modifier column. Made sure Node type modifier columns correctly report which nodes are changed to the detail table.

Indentation of rows, e.g. on long object names, is working as expected.

The + sign enabling the adding of new tabs is no longer available for non-admin users. Non-admin users will not see the + sign for adding tabs, even if they have "full access" (or any other profile) or they are set as "owners" of the organization or scorecard.

Restore table will now resets the sort order to the original order as when the table was first shown, instead of making the table unsorted.

Filtered lists containing comments display the text correctly as “Wrapped” when that option is selected, and not always as “Full text”. Switching ‘Comment text’ to “Full text” or “Truncated” works as expected. ‘Display in tables’ can now be used on comments to change the appearance of the comment text in Filtered lists.   

Comment list: The Inline editing toggle is now disabled when ‘Show related comments’ is activated; ‘Show related comments’ overrides inline editing.

Comments in ‘Related comments’ are displayed with the correct organization.

Related comments: it is now possible to select individual related comments if 'Show user picture' is disabled. In some previous versions, only the ‘Select all’ checkbox was available when ‘Show user picture’ was disabled.

When ‘Export to pdf’ and ‘Export to word’, sorting of Comment reports is based on the Comment list object settings in Configuration Studio. Also made sure sorting is done correctly on the web when there is no input regarding sorting from the web user.

The context for ${this.object} is now correct (the same) when editing vs adding objects. Previously, ${this.object} was different when you added an object vs. when you edited it. E.g. when adding a task to a task list on an initiative, the task had not yet been created, so the this.object.parent.parent was the initiative’s parent parent (i.e. the object it affected). When the task was already added and you edited it, the this.object.parent.parent refered to the Initiative. Now, when adding an object, it becomes this.object during the adding process.

Selecting which column to sort by in Initiative tables in Template is working as expected and no longer causes an error message.

The Date picker in Configuration Studio will now expand to fit the full day names instead of shortening them and replacing them with several dots (…).

Labels and numbers are correctly displayed on chart axes when using Microsoft Office MS 2010 and 2013.

The rich text editor no longer saves when no changes are made, incorrectly creating broken links in Configuration Studio.

Boolean properties are no longer saved when they had not been changed. Boolean properties are now checked for changes before saving, to avoid unwanted broken links.

Options menu button reappears as expected when returning to the KPI page after viewing a drill. In some previous versions, the button did not reappear without refreshing the page.

Functions with token tags are resolved correctly in Detail Tables in drills. Token tags were not resolved to node ids with processing detail tables. Token tags are now resolved before resolving dimensions for detail table.

Tags are now correctly resolved in Query table in map. The context was not correct when a table in the Template model was referenced in a map. The context information is now set correctly for tables that are in the Template model.

Map with a text reference to an empty date property no longer causes Java error on web, and when there is a date, it is displayed correctly based on the date format given. The expected date format will be used in the custom date if the date format is specified.

User that deletes data in Manual Data Entry or by deleting Transformer imports, etc. is now correctly displayed in Audit log.

Error no longer occurs when copy-paste object with a name that contains special characters (e.g. %) and auditing is activated.

Configuring a Function or Input cell in a Custom table works withou error occuring.

Forms: Error no longer occurs when trying to configure a Function or Input cell in a Question table.

Forms: starting Scheduled forms in Configuration Studio works without errors.

Forms: Missing values in Question table correctly give NA and not 0.

Spreadsheet view: Labels are now correctly displayed in chart in Spreadsheet views.

Reporter: When processing charts, alt tags no longer ignore existing variables. Previously, when using a variable in the chart description of an MS Office chart, existing variables were not used when resolving alt+text. Expected behavior was that the chart show data from the table.

The correct way of making the table tag is:


This will reduce to


that refers to object 123 and not the id of object 123

In the report, instead of




Then the


refers to an object instead of the text id of an object.

Reporter: Sorting in reports is now the same as soring in tables on the web, with regard to NA values.

Reporter: When using findq directly on an organization, KPIs on expired organizations are no longer found. Only KPIs from the valid scorecards are visible.

Transformer: Improved performance when adding objects and EPM is running in a remote server, cloud environment, etc. Configuration Studio no longer freezes for several minutes when a large number of objects is added, using an Object target in Transformer or other methods.

Transformer: In String date conversion empty strings now give an empty date instead of warnings or dropouts. Note that this may mean that some existing Transformer jobs will behave differently.

Transformer: Dividing by a low number by 100 or another higher number gives the correct decimals, instead of only 0.

Transformer: Sub-organizations are correctly moved, even when parent organization is expired.

Transformer: Made sure List property id are used correctly in Table source.

Transformer: Fixed an issue where a project containing an Aggregate process, and run in project group, could be blocked by a previous job that had dropouts. Both jobs now correctly create node data whether the Transformer project is run via a Transformer project group or not.  

Web Transformer: Improved error handling. When an Excel upload is not ok, it gives a message "Import failed" when ‘Start import’ button is clicked, instead of a Java error.

Web: Changes in layout on a tab are now saved correctly. They were sometimes not saved in earlier versions.

Web: Changing period in a Custom date property updates correctly. In previous versions, it was not possible to select a period in a different year in a Custom date properties on the web.

Web: The options in the drop-down Sorting menu of tables are displayed as expected when Arabic language is used. Previously, the names of the operations were cut.

Web: When exporting a Comment list to .pdf or Word format and Arabic language is used, the alignment is now right to left, as expected.

Web: Downloading and attaching files with Arabic names is working as expected and the file names are displayed correctly.

Web: Reports are now downloaded correctly for all users, even if their access to some objects is restricted by access control. Made sure the code that resolved what top level object user is on will run in elevated access in case access control has removed any intermediate objects.

Control Center: The SSL password dialog no longer shows the password in plain text. Under Control Center --> SSL --> "Select keystore file" where you are prompted for password, the password was showing as clear text before it was submitted. Validation check after the password is entered has also been improved.

Control Center: the "Embedded html" option has been removed from the Security page environment, because this option caused charts to be missing from reports in some cases. 


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