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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Upgrading from versions prior to is not supported. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it will be necessary to upgrade to a 4.2.x.x or 4.3.x.x version first.

Error Corrections and Improvements

Item labels no longer overlap in line charts and makes them unreadable. Only one label is shown, as in previous versions.

‘Include subelements’ in Filtered list is again working as in previous versions.   

  • With ‘Include elements’ selected - objects which are directly under the object which is the base of the search (direct children of it) and children of children are returned.
  • Without ‘Include elements’ selected – objects that are directly under the object that is the base of the search (direct children of it) are returned. Children of children are NOT returned.

Distribution list target in Transformer has been renamed to Forms list target and supports updating Approval lists in addition to Distribution lists. Forms list target can be used for automatic updating of Approval lists in Forms approval. Some properties in the Forms list target have been renamed to make them more general.

Known issues

Because of changes in the way objects that are out of scope (before or after their Lifetime period) are displayed or handled, some differences in out of scope objects may be noticed after upgrading from

Tips: Objects that are out of scope will be displayed in Configuration Studio by clearing the Filter in the right click menu.


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