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4.4 New Features

New status icon sets 

New icon sets are available under global settings:

Due to browser caching issues, these changes may or may not be available immediately, depending on what browser is used.

Web view:

These icon sets can be useful for addressing the needs of visually impaired users.  Note that these are global settings, and will affect all status icons used in the system.

Filters for risk factor lists and task lists 

Previously, task and risk lists were static lists that offered no filtration.  This meant that tasks that had expired would remain in lists indefinitely.

To configure a time-based filter that displays one the tasks that fit the current period, apply the following on a task list: 

In a similar manner, you can add date properties to risk factors to create a lifecycle for the risk elements. 

In this way, old or expired objects can be removed from the time window that is displayed in the web.  The history of these objects remains, and the objects will be visible for the periods they were valid.

Unlike a filtered list, this type of filtering only applies to the elements contained within the list or table of tasks or initiatives.  If you need to combine risk elements or tasks from other tables, you should use a filtered list.

NOTE:  new tasks or risk factors cannot be added from filtered lists.  They can be added from task lists or risk factor lists.

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