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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Upgrading from versions prior to is not supported. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it will be necessary to upgrade to a 4.2.x.x or 4.3.x.x version first.

New and Improved Functionality

A password is now required of Configuration Studio users when logging into Configuration Studio if the web session has logged or timed out. A dialog will appear where a user with access to Configuration Studio must enter username and password in order to start Configuration Studio. If the web session is still running, no password is necessary.

Control Center, Password Policy: The default Number of new passwords required has been changed to 0 (was 20).

A new object, Query expression, is now available in the Expression model, making it possible to refer to the organizational part of aggregations using tags.



Will give results for all organizations that are returned by the Query expression {100}

Organization tag references for organization-based expressions have been improved. Use a non-rich text Custom properties or Custom reference properties as the organizational reference in AGG, AGGAVG and INDEX functions. The custom properties may refer to one or more organizations.

New datasets are available in Dataset table: Token dataset and Query dataset.

  • Token dataset - use the Reporter token language to access object properties on the cell context of dataset tables
  • Query dataset - query for objects for the y and x axis of the table

It is now possible to manually add a node data import in the Data import panel, making it possible to connect a specific (new) node data import to an EPM data records target in Transformer.

Transformer: New properties on Object target to make Dynamic 'objects' used in Object target in Transformer: Look up source and Source column.

  • Look up source - look up the source object based on the content of the Source column property
  • Source column - Allows the user to select the column in the source (e.g. Excel) that contains the IDs of other objects that will be used to create a copy of an existing object

Transformer: EPM Data records target has new functionality: ability to update/delete data records/rows. This functionality has three alternatives:

  • Append
  • Overwrite
  • Update

Transformer: new property in Table source, Table resolution, is the method to use to find the table name and has the alternatives Reference and Token.

  • Reference - refer directly to the table to be used as source, same behavior as before.
  • Token - use a token tag to find a table, e.g. $ {this.object.ref}.

Web Transformer: The context of Transformer jobs run from the web may be set dynamically using the new Table resolution functionality in Table source.

Web Transformer: Transformer jobs started via an Action button on the web now have a progress dialog that shows the progress of the job.

Error Corrections and Improvements

Configuration Studio performance: An error that caused Configuration Studio to freeze during work in Templates, especially in Maps, has been fixed.

Functions with a node expression containing a token tag expression can refer to a token expression property and resolve the node correctly. Token properties were not processed correctly inside a function / formula.

Filtering on organizations in Filtered lists now works. When searching organizations using filtered list or similar, expected organizations did not appear properly. Please note that when the object to search for is 'Organization' and 'Include subelements' is selected, the current organization will also be included in the results.

Table selection no longer disappears from the Table view property panel. In some cases, the Table name may not appear in the Table field, even though the Table has been selected.

Importing comments using Transformer is working as expected again. Grouping must be set to "Value" in the EPM data records target when importing comments.

Transformer scrollbar no longer jumps to the left when objects are moved, added, deleted, etc., but keeps the expected position.

Upgrade no longer fails if the database includes Report resource files that are of file type .txt, .html, or .rtf. Some older databases may still contain versions of report resources that are no longer supported. These are now converted to default during upgrading, instead of causing an error.


Known issues

Because of changes in the way objects that are out of scope (before or after their Lifetime period) are displayed or handled, some differences in out of scope objects may be noticed after upgrading from

Tips: Objects that are out of scope will be displayed in Configuration Studio by clearing the Filter in the right click menu.

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