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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Upgrading from versions prior to is not supported. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, it will be necessary to upgrade to a 4.2.x.x or 4.3.x.x version first.


Web: Organizations on the y-axis in a dataset table are now clickable.

Web: Assigning “Responsible” will show up to 30 users in the auto-search list when you type to find users.

Postfix (or Prefix) will show on number in the cells of a report with a Custom or an Expandable table.

Control Center now has a new option to automatically re-index every time the service is started. This is off by default.

Microsoft Office is now the default choice for Reporter in Control Center on new installations. 


Forms: The expiration date will now be extended when reopening an expired scheduled form.

Fixed on reports: 

Word styles (Heading1, Heading2, …) will no longer restart the numbering  in front of titles. 

Comments now use the default font (Times New Roman)

Bullet lists in comments no longer damage the numbering of headings

Fixed bug in filtered comments. The “Select from current object” now works as expected.

Fixed formatting in Global Search Box. You can now choose and expect to see the effect of “Look and feel” when “Block (blue and white)” is selected.

Query Object did not render data from a dataset table. This has been fixed.

Fixed error that showed up when clicking “Edit” in model page menu.

The attachment list showed the path and not the filename when uploading using IE. 

Enabled scheduling transformer jobs with a JSON or XML source. Added run-date in context and enabled this to be used as a context variable.

Fixed in the Risk module: 

“Last evaluated” is now updated when the Probability field is edited.

Now all addable items on risk factor in Strategic initiative model can be added.


“Scale to fit” now works the same way when a Map is placed in the Header just like when the Map is placed in the body or the footer.





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