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Important information regarding Oracle Java and Corporater from January 2019

Intended audience of this document

Super Users, Administrators and IT personnel, responsible for maintaining Corporater Software within own organization.  

Purpose of the document

Oracle has decided to introduce a paid model for their commercial versions of Java, starting from January 2019. 

Please refer to: 

Corporater Software is based on Java and is implicitly being affected by this change. This document is explaining the impact of this change and the way forward. 


Corporaters use of Java

Corporater currently requires Java 8 on the server and for the system implementation and configuration through Configuration Studio. 


Corporater has 3 types of users with different interfaces:


Type of user 
Requires Java? 
End-User / Web-User 
Workstation Internet
(ex. IE, Chrome, Firefox)
Primary users of the application, consuming and entering data.
Super User / Administrators 
Workstation - Configurstion Studio
Used by those administering and configuring the application. Usually application owners within own organization or consultants
IT personnel 
Application Server and Control Center
IT operation and maintenance of the Corporater environment



How does this affect Corporater from 1st of January 2019            

No change will happen immediately and the software will continue to operate normally. 

However, depending on the position your organization is taking towards Java licensing, upgrades of Java are subject to a subscription with Oracle. 

2 alternatives exist and Corporater supports both approaches:

 Alternative 1 - Oracle Java – Your organization is already a customer of Oracle or decides to subscribe to Oracle and thus receive future updates through a paid subscription.

Please refer to: 

In this case, the software will continue to operate in the same manner as before.

Alternative 2 – Oracle Open Java – Oracle also provides Open Java, which will remain free for both personal and commercial users. Corporater supports Open Java and will if this approach is taken, assist IT deploy it on the application servers where the Corporater software is installed and on workstations using Configuration Studio. 

Please contact Corporater Support, by opening a ticket on: or by e-mail to:


How are the users impacted?

End-Users / Web-Users:  Corporaters end-users, being most of the employees in an organization only require a supported browser and no local Java installations, thus being unaffected by this change and can continue to use the software normally.


Super User / Administrators: For those who use Configuration Studio, Oracle Java 8 JRE is already installed. Starting from January 2019, future JRE8 upgrades are subject to commercial licensing from Oracle.

This means, these users will not be affected initially, but depending on your companies position towards Oracle, and the change in the Java business model, as switch to Open Java may be required. 


IT personnel:  Oracle Java 8 is installed on the application servers. No action is needed. Depending on your company policy, it can either remain as it is today or if upgrades are required, it can be upgraded furtherly with Oracle Java updates (requires subscription) or exchanged with Open Java and remain free. 




Please do not hesitate to contact Corporater Support in case of any questions.  We will be happy to assist you. eSupport: 



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