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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes


Configuration Studio: Multiple optimizations and improvements have been applied. Changes designed to enhance Configuration Studio performance. 

Prerequisites: The licensing model has undergone small revisions. Inactive users and the System Administrator no longer count as users in the license. 


Security: Multiple security fixes have been introduced. 

Web: Table views configured to use a pie chart as a chart template were not rendered accurately. Table views connected to dataset tables are now displayed correctly on the web as pie charts. 

Web: Solved issue triggerring a Java error when a URL property way left empty. The problem would plague the web user when trying to explore a URL property with no value.

Web: Polished the linkage between risk charts and filtered lists. Solved issue rendering the filtered list unable to show label description for opportunity and risk consequence. 

Web: Enhancements to the way nodes are displayed in a web table. Introduced changes so that nodes are no longer linked to empty pages. 

Web: Improved Edge browser compatibility. Several pop-ups and top-menu elements were not shown correctly on the web. 

Web: Applied refinements to drill formatting. Drill «Override format» property did not retain its configuration in certain scenarios. 

Web: Fine-tuned the EPM Form behavior. Using a historical reference property as a referred respondent caused an error and prevented the form from activating. 

Web: Addressed issue determining the «Include» property in a standard chart and table to break the link between the template and the model. 


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