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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes


Enabled SMB2 and SMB3 support for external file resources. Transformer jobs relying on resources that resided on a server with SMB1 disabled would previously fail. 

Various improvements to the XML source in the Transformer module. An error prompt would pop out when running a scheduled Transformer job with an XML source. 

Various tweaks to object visibility. Tabs that only include objects marked as “Only visible when displayed as page” are no longer shown on the web.

Fixed issue causing status lights to behave abnormally in the case of some strategic objectives linked to strategic initiatives. The children-based status algorithm ignored some objects and prevented their status lights from being visible on the web. 

Adjusted the indicator list icon’s position for RLT languages. The icon was incorrectly placed to the left when opting for the Block layout or was merged with the Expand / Collapse options when choosing the default layout.

Revised and enhanced the system behind the Arabic number formatting. Charts and tables would show inconsistencies in number formatting. Moreover, attempting to override the number format would result in similar irregularities. 

Improvements to the Workflow module. Emails linked to forms would lead the user to an empty page.


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