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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes


Various fixes to the Transformer module. Removed issue causing fields not to be available when running a Transformer job with an LDAP source. 

Enhancements to the Workflow module. Emails containing links to forms were affected by a problem rendering them unable to refer to the organization mapped in the distribution list.

Some RTL issues have been tackled. Gantt charts were flawed by improper alignment. 

Fixed problem causing postfixes to be placed incorrectly when using the Arabic language. The flaw was apparent in forms and would determine the postfix to be shown under the value entry box. 

Exporting rich text properties to Excel would not work as expected. The issue was triggered when using Arabic text, which was converted to question marks upon export. Fixed. 

Refinements to the text alignment in the Workflow module when Arabic is selected as the default locale. These enhancements ensure RTL standards are met in e-mails triggered via an event rule. 

Attachment lists would show Arabic filenames improperly. The issue was solved, and the files can now easily be identified by name. 


Setting up a Transformer job that relies on an object target with a look-up source renders the mapping unavailable.


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