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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes


Various security improvements have been added. 

Fixed issue causing status gauges and bullets in a Strategy Map not to adopt the configuration imposed in Configuration Studio.

Improvements to the way a status line is displayed in a Strategy Map. The status line would previously occupy an incorrect position in large Strategy Maps. 

Added Word Wrap functionality on all text elements in a Map view. 

Setting up a Transformer job that relies on an object target with a look-up source would render the mapping unavailable. The bug has been removed. 

Improvements have been applied to XML sources in the Transformer module. The syntax has been enhanced. 

Enhanced automated e-mail readability in the Transformer module. Improved the formatting of logs sent via e-mail.

Handled scenario where the Transformer module would cause irrelevant values. The problem would appear when a calculation process was carried out after an aggregation. 

Introduced fix for syntax in the Reporter module. clear(this.object) would not produce the expected result. 

Legend on category axis property would no longer be visible in Reporter. The property can now be used. 

Solved issue causing abnormal Configuration Studio behavior when using the Reporter module. The problem would occur when trying to set up an e-mail under the report scheduler and selecting an organization. 

Improved the user manual for the Extended Interface module. More commands have been documented. 

Risk assessments were not handled correctly in the searcher for Extended queries. The problem has been addressed. 

Various other enhancements have been added to Extended Interface module.

Addressed problem determining valid extensions not to be eligible for file upload. The issue only allowed PDF files to be added to the Resource module. 

Introduced the option to change Power BI object names. 

SQL Source would not work with Windows Authentication if Domain, Username, and Password have values in the SQL Resource. The problem no longer exists.

The Name input field in Control Center would shrink when SQL Server JTDS is selected as server type. The issue has been addressed, and all the data input is now readable. 

Table names would unjustifiably be centered. The issue has been removed, and now the default left alignment rule applies to all text elements. 

More objects are now available to add under a box. This applies to both the model and default objects modules. 

Solved issue affecting filtered lists with “Hide NA and NaN rows” checked. Previously, rows with data would be hidden as well. 

Resolved problem causing the broken link arrow not to appear immediately for custom properties. 

Implemented the option to change the color of positive and negative KPIs. Negative values can now be displayed in green, and positive ones can be shown in red.

Hyperlink configuration would now allow target frame option to be set to _blank. The issue has been resolved. 

Fixed issue causing a token property not to be processed in a visibility rule. 

Column headers in custom tables were affected by formatting issues. Bold, underline, and italic can now be used. 

Some object icons were missing in Tab layout. Fixed. 

Added the possibility of choosing a filtered list as a source for a chart. Web users can now resort to “Show as chart” option to view a filtered list as a chart. 

Fixed scrolling issue causing pages to open in the middle or at the bottom. Edge browser was affected. 

Resolved problem causing the field for User picture to be unavailable when editing user properties. 


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