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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes


Security improvement: created CC checkbox to allow Scripting in Custom Token property.

Various other security improvements.

Improvement: limit TCP connections used while Config Studio is running.

Extended table improvement: ability to indent rows.

BMP is now supporting connection to MySQL 8, used as Database.

CS/transformer improvement: it is now possible to search for scheduler objects in transformer in CS.

Fixed handling PowerBI settings in CS.

Fixed issues regarding html handling in query tables and token properties.

Fixed issue with launching CS in Arabic language.

Fixed issue with extended functionality query for objects in initiative module.

Shortcut list is now showing correctly special characters.

Fixed issue with Transformer job with 2 or more SQL targets.

Fixed issue with editing attachment name in Attachment List.

Fixed issue with XML Source failing.

Fixed issues with property fields missing from Update Object Property in Workflow and Dataset Table token property.

Fixed error with EPM form when selecting 'Reset and delete node data'.

Fixed Preview and Print options missing from Scheduled and Periodic Forms


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