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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

Error Corrections and Improvements

Improvement: it is now possible to specify the number of audit log files kept on the server and their size.

Fixed the alignment of headers of objects (tables, charts, other widgets) on Web, for Arabic. Now the headers are right aligned for Arabic language. 


Fixed an issue for Arabic language for tables which were not correctly RTL aligned. 


Fixed an issue for Arabic language with breadcrumb disappearing from the screen when names are too long. 


Fixed an issue with CorpoWebservice no longer available. Now the webservices are enabled (and available) or disabled according to the setting "Enable SOAP-services" form Control Center Security. 


Fixed an issue with misaligning objects in a map when zooming the browser. 


Fixed an issue with rich text property editor opening outside the screen when it was on the first column. 


Fixed an issue with custom periods with long names getting truncated. Now the tooltip works as expected. 

Fixed an issue with Risk chart preview in CS. Now the risk chart preview in CS looks ok. 


Fixed an issue with visibility rules in extended table with add column.


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