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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality. Improvements

Auto start functionality available also for forms created in Strategic Initiatives and Risk Management modules. Select the ‘Start automatically’ option for the form to start automatically.

Error Corrections

Transformer service stop date becomes future start date for ongoing transformer jobs.

Chrome browser displays error message if mouse cursor moved across risk management chart during page load.

Extended query fails to retrieve strategic initiative if initiative subordinated to other strategic initiative object.

Description and custom properties text appears left-aligned in report and presentation template if text format is rich text.

Top menu bar displays calendar icon before date picker.

Unable to run transformer project with job scheduler if table data source has no context object.

HTML code is visible in following elements:

  • Text element on Form object.
  • Rich text element for system property in perspective table.

 Chart fails to display in report and in Chart object preview in Configuration Studio.


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