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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality. Improvements 

Improved period navigation. Now, you can: 

  • Navigate between different period types (such as month to quarter, quarter to year, and backward) for the same object. This includes navigation between known and unknown time context. 

The period selector retains the object’s selected context period. 

  • Navigate between objects with different period types (such as monthly scorecard to quarterly KPI, and backward). 

The period selector displays the global context period for the new object based on the object’s period type. 

  • View only the periods that are available for the object in the period selector, based on object settings and global settings set in Configuration Studio.  

The period you select displays when you navigate to the web parent in the period selector. 

Rich text inline editor implemented and improved. You can now edit a Rich Text property directly in a table using the Edit dialog box. The box now includes rich text formatting options. 

Ability to control display and properties of extended tables for administrator users. For extended tables, users with administrator privileges can now specify the following: 

  • Style of the content, as wrapped, truncated, or full. 

  • Positioning and alignment of the content. 

  • Indentation of the first column in a row. 

  • Sorting based on token properties. 

  • Pagination. 

Also, users with administrator privileges can perform the following on extended objects: 

  • Based on the values of a property, identify unique business objects from a list. The property is used as the parameter of the distinct() function. 

  • Optionally, start a Transformer and a Workflow with an extended action. 

  • Add ‘size()’ and ‘indexOf()’ string functions for tags and variables. 

‘Related comments’ feature is now implemented. You can now configure the display of a Related comments section in BMP Web from the Configuration Studio. Users can use this feature when they add a comment to insert or relate to a previous comment. 

Ability to use action button to refresh page. You can now click any action button on a page to refresh it, if the refresh option is activated for the respective action button in Configuration Studio.  

The Configuration Studio also includes a refresh option that you can activate for an action button to enable users to use the button without refreshing the page.  

Ability to configure breaks in column headings. You can insert line breaks in a table column’s header text to decrease the width of the column. Add the newline character (\n) to break the selected header text to the next line. 

‘Search-only’ added as configuration option for reference properties. The ‘Search- only’ property restricts the behavior of a reference property on Web to search-only mode. 

Also, ‘Search-only’ becomes the default option for newly added reference properties in the Configuration Studio. 

Search-based view implemented for system user properties. Now, system user properties appear as search-only. 

Enhanced design for Boolean properties. Now, an unchecked checkbox displays empty instead of with an ‘x’ mark. Equally, a checked checkbox displays with a check mark. 

First section on top menu bar converted to drop-down. The pages associated to this section now appear as individual drop-down items instead of cards. 

The first section that displays as first section by default is My Responsibilities. 

Improved hierarchical tables. Now, item names and associated expand and collapse arrow buttons appear grouped in the Name column, regardless of the position of this column in the hierarchical table. Also, each hierarchical level in the table displays with individual indentation. 

Error Corrections

Selection of multiple extended tables in Configuration Studio caused Null Pointer exception. 

Navigation from map links occasionally failed. 

Dataset tables displayed repetitions of the same row instead of correct row in BMP Web. 

List property displayed overlapped in Edit Page when placed above a rich text property. 

Tables display failed with Null Pointer exception in BMP Web. 

Table header text displayed top-aligned instead of centered in MS Edge. 

Header style property link broken after database upgrade from BMP v4 to v5. 

Status values displayed incorrectly in extended tables. 

Inability to log in with Internet Explorer when using SAML. 

Inability to use filtering in Extended Interface. 

Action button didn’t pass the correct context to action or action group. 

Incorrect day selection due to time-zone mismatch between server and client. 

Inability to upgrade from BMP v4 to v5. 

Edit dialog displayed cards for reference properties. 

Configured values for token property failed to display in Description View. 

Inability to use MySQL8 server as database for BMP v5. 

URL addresses missing for some objects in extended tables. 


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