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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality. Improvements

Inline editor available for reference property table cells.

You can now edit a reference property using inline table editing. The property displays based on its configuration in Configuration Studio, namely - a flat list, a tree list, or search-only.

Error Corrections

Field editor remains open on page after you navigate away from field using Tab.

Unable to save data from a number of table types to MS Excel using Export.

Unable to sort data for custom List property in Task list.

Unable to apply Bold formatting style to extended tables text.

Lengthy rich text fails to wrap to entire, specified width of table column.

Tools kebap menu remains available for tables despite Show Tools property set to ‘Off’.

Data field editor opens outside page when selected for cell on bottom row of table at bottom of web page.

Page Edit mode sets field focus on last rich text field on page.

Text for reference property displays incorrectly in tables. The text:

· Doesn’t observe ‘Display in tables as’ setting.

· If the property includes multiple references, it displays without tooltip, truncated, and copied over other reference properties in the table.

User directed to first tab instead of previous tab despite ‘Remember tab selection when navigating’ selected in Global Settings.


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