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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and Changed Functionality. Improvements 

Extended URLs that link to external resources open in new instead of current browser tab. 

Ability to control the direct adding of sub-pages using the Add to list menu on Web. The new ‘Allow adding sub-pages’ checkbox appears as an option on the Advanced Properties tab. The option is available only for an object to which you can add children objects that appear as sub-pages on Web, namely for a: 

  • Task 

  • Indicator 

  • Strategic initiative 

  • Scorecard 

  • Perspectives 

  • Strategic objective 

When selected for any such object, the ‘Add’ option becomes available in the Function menu at page-, object-, and row-level for the object. You can then add available children objects to appear as sub-pages for the object. 

Conversely, when deselected for any such object, the ‘Addable items’ functionality also becomes disabled for the object. 

For new objects, ‘Allow adding sub-pages’ is selected by default.  

‘Today’ functionality available in date picker. 

Functionality to reorder table items on Web using drag-and-drop available in version 5. If you have access rights to write items in a table, you can now control the order of tasks, checkboxes, and children objects in that table using inline editing mode on Web. 

The following items now appear in table inline editing mode: 

  • Drag handle for each table row. 

  • Visual indicator of where the dragged row will be placed. 

Note that you can reorder items only in tables that have: 

  • Direct children objects (such as task lists, risk factor lists, checklists, reports lists, attachment lists) configured as flat lists. 

  • No data sorting, data filtering, or pagination applied. 

Extended column filtering functionality available. You can now filter data also from columns that contain dates. The dates are filtered as text.  

‘Paste’ option no longer available in right-click menu for table cell.  

Error Corrections 

Object status unaffected by refresh if current browser is Internet Explorer. 

Unable to navigate from one scorecard to another if either of them has custom period. 

Link maps display incorrect tab on Web. 

Date picker functionality issues. The date picker displays: 

  • Incorrect current context, after you navigate to object with different period type. 

  • Incorrect date, when you change current context period type to ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’. 

Also, ‘Year to date’ doesn’t observe user setting in Configuration Studio. 

Notification email functionality unavailable. Also, Workflow action to send email to recipient fails if recipient is configured as Reference property or Historical Reference property. 

Tables display issues. 

  • Perspective table appears collapsed after you navigate to different date period. 

  • Table column that includes considerable, wrapped, rich text appears with excessive row height on Web even if set to ‘Hidden’ in Configuration Studio.  

Table content displays issues in inline editing mode. 

  • Table row becomes partially visible when editing one of its properties on a medium screen size 

  • Table content displays incorrectly when using Tab key for navigation between table cells. Also, repeated press of Tab key causes loss of focus. 

  • Prefix and postfix numeric values appear misaligned in table cell. 

Table functionality issues. 

  • Unable to export table cell data using ‘Export’ from right-click menu. 

  • Loading of extended tables times out for non-administrator users.  

  • Unable to search or filter data for column configured as list property. 

  • ‘Add to list’ table functionality always adds default object.  

URL displays as plain text instead of link on Web if it includes same property as other URLs. 

List property value displays as scientific notation instead of text in exported Microsoft Excel file. 


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