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Corporater BMP - - Release Notes

New and improved functionality 

Ability to use PGP-encrypted supported files. BMP administrators can now use files that are encrypted using a public key and the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption protocol in BMP. 

After an external, PGP-encrypted file resource is uploaded to BMP, a BMP administrator can perform the following on the file: 

  • Preview it. 

  • Add a private key. 

  • Use it as data source in a Transformer project. 

To accommodate this new functionality, Configuration Studio has been enhanced to include: 

  • PGP Decryption as new Resource item. 

  • A new advanced property for External file resource objects, called Decryption. 

  • New Security object properties that are specific to PGP Decryption Resource items: 

  • Private keyProtected text that users can use to encrypt or decrypt the file.  

  • Passphrase–User-friendly character sequence that users can use as an alternative to the private key. 

Updated design of welcome screens. The following BMP components now feature a new, modern welcome screen: 

  • Installer 

  • Control Center 

  • Configuration Studio 

Inline editing mode adjusted for multi-line text. When you edit a multi-line text property now, you are no longer restricted by the limited space of the text property cell. A text bubble has been added as pop-up to expand that input area. Text in the text bubble itself appears as multi-line. 

Corrected issues 

The following issues have been fixed: 

Header text for Perspective object displays as plain text instead of shortcut link on Scorecard page. Equally, header text for Strategic Objective object displays as plain text instead of shortcut link on Perspective page. 

BMP doesn’t observe ‘Remember tab selection when navigating’ when navigating between table objects that are links. 

Unable to select new week for object with period type changed to weekly on Android mobile device. 

Date picker displays incomplete list of weeks for weekly custom period. 

Scorecard data fails to display after period changed to custom week. 

When existing value for Date property is cleared on Web, property receives ‘January 1, 1970’ as new value in Configuration Studio. 

Table row with large text displays with same height after column that includes large text removed. 

Exported table data appears in general instead of numeric format in Excel file. 

After set to visible, hidden table column that includes multi-reference property displays incomplete number of references. 

Description view doesn’t refresh after period change if it includes a custom and a system historical property. 

Table view based on extended table doesn’t observe Extended formatting. 

No data in report on Bar-line chart if chart has: 

  • Parent object with a reference property. 

  • Dataset table with y-axis as function that uses the node in that reference property. 

Link value active for Name property in inline editing mode. 

Focus set on bottom property for Description view in inline editing mode. 

Respondent value saved directly into node data after submission instead of sent for approval. 

Value that answers numeric question in BMP form displays without decimal point on Web. 

Object missing from extended table for regular user on Web if configured with ‘Override access profile’ setting enabled. 


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